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Shoestring Reporter

Shoestring Reporter explains how any intelligent, literate person, with hard work, can be a practicing journalist. The author has taught journalism. He was a newspaper reporter for more than thirty years. Yet he has never taken a class in journalism. He's written for biggies – The New York Times, The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press. Never took a journalism class. Want to be a journalist? Forget J school. Do it yourself – with Shoestring Reporter!

Seydou's Christmas Tree

It could have been a lonely Christmas. They were thousands of miles from family. This is the true story of how a Muslim youth in West Africa led his two American friends on a quest for the perfect Christmas tree. They learned Christmas is wherever you are.

Mouse Code

The humans are messing things up. Plowing, razing, building. Animals are being displaced. Hannibal Mouse “invents” radio to warn the mice about the bulldozers. To keep humans from learning his plans, he devises a secret language – Mouse Code.

Cross Purposes

It was the greatest event of all time.

Religion writer Daley Strumm knew it.

But did his editors?

Would bosses at the Detroit Filibuster

Make sure their reporter

Was on hand

At the crucial time,

At the crucial place?


If he went

And saw

And wrote,

Would his paper

Print the story?

What would have happened...

If newspapers had covered the Crucifixion?